We believe that orthodontics is more than straightening teeth.
That our role in your life is an important one. To enhance your health
and appearance, ultimately enriching your life and well-being.

Orthodontist near Bondi Junction

At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics we offer specialist orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. Our philosophy is to provide holistic dental care for the entire biological complex, which includes the face, muscles, joints, jaws and the teeth. Our orthodontists work closely with patients and family members to understand the main concerns and provide support during treatment, which leads to favourable and predictable treatment outcomes. 

Every face and smile is unique, therefore we customise our treatment for every patient, in order to achieve the most pleasing outcome. By incorporating sound biological principles and using state of the art technology, we create beautiful smiles in the shortest treatment duration.

Orthodontic treatment varies by type; Early, Braces, Invisalign, Adults and more. There is no one perfect solution, and our effort is focussed in trying to understand what your needs are, apply our experience and knowledge, to customise a solution for you:


Early treatment: At ESO, Early Orthodontic treatment is about planning and managing children’s growth, crucial for development and even sleep!

 Braces: Tried and trusted, this traditional treatment is still the most efficient and cost effective way to treat all orthodontic cases. 

Invisalign: Is widely accepted as an effective treatment, but choosing the right orthodontist will change your smile for the better.

Adult: Orthodontic treatment for adults is widely accepted, with more options, shorter treatment time and easily adapted to busy lifestyles.

Sleep Apnea: Do you snore? Most people do, but if you’re also restless at night, tired during the day, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Dental Monitoring: This application uses the latest 3D technology; to save you time and reduce your number of visits to the practice.


Our practice is located in Dover Heights which is near Bondi Junction, only a short 8-minute drive, with convenient access to unmetered street parking. 

Please contact us on (02) 9388 1988 or via E-mail to book a consultation.