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What’s the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist holds dual qualifications as a dentist and an orthodontist. This entails studying dentistry for 5 years followed by studying orthodontics for an additional 3 to 4 years full-time. The additional training focuses on the growth and development of the face, jaws and teeth, followed by occlusion, biomechanics and treatment planning cases. Finally a specialist orthodontist limits their practice to the treatment of orthodontic cases alone.

At what age should I bring my child for a consult?

A child’s first orthodontic review should occur at the age of 9 years or sooner if there are concerns. Most orthodontic problems can be resolved during growth and development of the teeth and jaws. Early detection leads to favourable treatment outcomes with predictable results.

How much will my orthodontic treatment cost?

At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics we provide the best orthodontic care for the most reasonable fee. The cost of treatment is determined by the difficulty of the case, the estimated treatment duration and the treatment method selected by the patient. Health fund rebates are available and should be determined by the patient. A treatment quote and duration is provided after consultation with the orthodontist. Payment plans are available.

Why do we need to straighten teeth?

When teeth are not aligned it can be difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. This can result in tooth decay and premature tooth wear. Other risk factors include lower jaw joint pain, joint clicking and tension headaches in the head and neck. Creating a stable and balanced occlusion by properly aligning the teeth and jaws can assist in the management of these issues. Likewise, the impact that a beautiful smile can have on ones self-esteem should not be underestimated.

Do I need a referral to see an Orthodontist?

No. Anyone can book an appointment without a referral. In most instances, a patient’s dentist will refer them to an orthodontist and we welcome such referrals.

Is there a maximum age for orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment has no age limitations. The highly aesthetic treatment options now available has lead to an increasing number of adults are having treatment with very pleasing outcomes.

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